Wedding Page

Have a wedding to remember.

Villa Lina is an ideal place for unique weddings, where friends gather together for a week or for a weekend, in a lovely pastoral setting among pergolas, fountains, historical gardens and fruit orchards. Enjoy lunch and dine, savouring different spots; the Olympic pool, the farm house, the greenhouse and terrace.

The wedding theme can be customized following your creativity and desires, or themes like Italian Dolce Vita, White Wishes, or ancient Etruscan can be suggested as well.

Leisure activities can also be customized for your enjoyment, such as, a pizza making competition, a pool party with Berlin DJ, a scavenger hunt on the property, and a performance of traditional Italian folk music under the olive trees.

Choose the church, from 12th century.... duomo in Ronciglione...Arrive in style in an antique Rolls Royce, a horse drawn carriage, or with a bit of whimsy on vintage Vespas.