Tours of Tuscia:
Day trip -- select from Renaissance, Medieval or Etruscan Tuscia, or combine all three;
with writer and Story-teller Paola Igliori
€90 per person (min. 4p), with transportation

Tours of Rome:
Day trips -- shopping, sight-seeing, museums and restaurants, insider places; custom tailored to your wishes.
€100 per person, approx.; cost varies; 3 - 7 people.

Custom Two-day Trips:
Trips consisting of two-day customized itineraries. Examples -- Naples, Pompeii & Cuma, Siena & Montalcino, Assisi and surrounding area.
€300 per person, approx.; cost varies; food and lodging additional.

Nature & Herbs

Walk in nature:
In Villa Lina itself with recognition and gathering of wild herbs - edible and medicinal.
€10 per person

Guided Garden Tour:
discussing the symbology of the botanical and bio-energetic gardens; with writer and filmaker
Paola Igliori, owner and curator of Villa Lina
€10 per person (min. 10p)

Course in the Herb Lab:
Observe the methodologies of distillation, drying and different transformations of herbs.
€10 per person -- 45 minutes

Ointment Making Lab
Learn how to make ointments: everyone leaves with own ointment (a wonderful nourishing cream made with our essential oils).
€25 per person -- 1 hour

Garden Workshops:
In the permaculture synergic spiral vegetable plot. Plant and learn about plant synergy and rest in the Giardino dei Profumi.
€10 per person

Scenic Horse & Carriage Nature Ride:
By day or moonlight -- enjoy the grounds of Villa Lina in a horse-drawn carriage.
€25 per person

Cooking Lessons

Traditional Tuscia:
Introduction to the delights of traditional Tuscia cooking using wild herbs and organic produce from our farm.
€45 per person, lesson and meal

Pizza or Bread Making Workshop:
In the ancient traditional wood-burning pizza oven.
€30 per person

Senegalese Cuisine:
Discover the delights of one of the most tasty cuisines in the world!
Delicious combos of strongly seasoned fish, vegetables and grains. A different technique with infinite applications. Chef: Massamba
€40 per person, lesson and meal


with Trainer and Therapist Adriano Rinauro;
with the experience of 15,000 treatments, he has created a new approach to Shiatsu
Multi-pressure Shiatsu Treatments -- 1 hour, €50
Foot Baths with Reflexology 1/2 hour each, €50
Moxa (heat treatment; a kind of acupuncture without needles), €30

Tuina Traditional Chinese Massage:
with Ariette Morano; graduate of Paracelso Institute and the University of Peking
Tuina Session: Massage + Moxa e/o cuppen massage ) -- 1 hour, €50
Shamanic Massage: with essential oils; relaxing and recharging -- 1 hour, €40


Jog, play billiards, commune with the farm animals (peacocks, doves, goats, chickens and dogs) and visit our Designers Africa Boutique and discover unique handmade fashions, jewels, bags, shoes and home decor.